Bacchus Sommelier: 2013 Photoshoot


Quatrefoil Restaurant in Dundas, Ontario was the perfect setting for the photo shoot with Ali Khamis of Khamis Design, Inc. and Mike Lalich Photography for capturing some Bacchus In Action shots!

Mike is an extremely creative and talented photographer, and we had a wonderful time posing in different stages of wine service and having fun with the process.

Present was Peter Kline, Co-Founder and Lead Sommelier and Shayne Cooke, Co-Founder and Social Media & Administration, and Nick Petruzzella, Sommelier of Bacchus Sommelier Services.

Photo credit: Mike Lalich. © Mike Lalich Photographer.

photoshoot_001 photoshoot_002 photoshoot_003 photoshoot_004 photoshoot_005 photoshoot_011  photoshoot_008

photoshoot_006 photoshoot_009 photoshoot_012 photoshoot_007 photoshoot_010


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