Bacchus co-sponsors “An Afternoon of Indulgence”


An Afternoon of Indulgence was a client appreciation event for Khamis Design Inc., co-sponsored by Bacchus Sommelier Services, with chocolates provided by Casteleyn Belgian Chocolatiers of Burlington, Ontario.

We began with Bottega Prosecco “Il Vino dei Poeti” paired with “Cuvette” (dark chocolate cup with white chocolate and pear william crème fraiche).

Next, we served 2009 Maggio Old Vine Zinfandel and paired this fantastic wine with “Dark Logo” (hard dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts).

Next up, a 2009 Chapoutier Banyuls, a sweet red Grenache from the Southern Rhone Valley. This we paired with “Aspin Leaf” (light vanilla flavour and a beautiful buttery texture).

After all of this, we topped off with a Pedro Ximinez “1927” ALVEAR Sherry paired with “Cleopatra” (chocolate pralines)!!!

To finish off, and refresh the guest’s palates we poured a Peller Estates Sparkling Ice Cuvée Rosé which we paired with fresh strawberries dipped in Casteleyn white and dark Belgian chocolate.

All of the pairings were introduced and explained, fun facts, tasting notes, histories, trivia and fun facts as well as menu suggestions, much to the delight of a captivated audience.

Peter Kline, Co-Founder and Lead Sommelier of Bacchus Sommelier Services led the tasting, and was assisted by Sommeliers Dawn Nickerson and Nick Petruzzella. All of our Sommeliers were supported by Shayne Cooke, Co-Founder.

All of Bacchus would like to sincerely thank the entire Khamis Design team of professionals for including us in this fantastic event, which was enjoyed immensely by all! A fantastic success!


Photo credit: Mike Lalich. © Mike Lalich Photographer.

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