Bacchus Sommelier at Khamis Design’s Scotch Tasting Event


This is the one that started it all!!

Khamis Design Inc. invited Peter to conduct a Scotch Tasting at the Staircase Theatre on Dundurn Street in Hamilton.  The event featured great scotches of the highlands and lowlands.

Chris Mei of the Weather Network served as a masterful MC of the event. The Cheese Shoppe on Locke, in Hamilton, provided snacks for an audience of 40 people.

We presented the many stories and histories of the distilleries and the evolution of the Scotch industry in the UK.

The star of the Scotches was the Bruichladdich of the Hebrides Isles!  To the Viking Norsemen these islands were Havbredey “Isle on the Edge of the Sea”. The “Black Art” whiskey is aged in port barrels and has an unmistakable, very “un-Scotch like” copper colour with a unique flavour and an extremely long and powerful finish.
Photo credit: Mike Lalich. © Mike Lalich Photographer.

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