Bacchus tours the Millstone Winery


Millstone Winery in Nanaimo BC was a very fun visit. The label of the Cabernet Franc features ‘Black Frank’, founder of the legendary bathtub races and mayor of Nanaimo 1967-1984 & 1986-1990. A colourful character to say the least! The likeness is taken from his statue in the park, he cuts quite the figure indeed!

millstone_006Millstone Winery Building

millstone_003Vineyard at Millstone Winery

millstone_004Vineyard in the woods at Millstone Winery

millstone_005 Drip irrigation at Millstone Winery

millstone_008 Fermentation at Millstone Winery

millstone_007 Oak Barrels at Millstone Winery

millstone_009 Winemaker Dale Strait at Millstone Winery


Statue of Black Frank in Nanimo Harbour. Image of this statue is on Millstone Winery’s Cabernet Franc label.


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