Peter Kline, CAPS

Co-founder and lead sommelier

Peter has had passion for flavour in his veins since childhood. As a boy he was the kid who always ordered the most expensive or intriguing item on the menu. As a teenager he was an apprentice chef eager to create wonderful flavours. His work and passion took him to Europe to cook in the Black Forest and wine tour in Alsace in his spare time. He honed his skills as a pastry chef at Chateau Whistler and in the remote Queen Charlotte Islands. He has spent time discovering Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and The Philippines.

After landing back home in Ontario in 2001 he turned to the dining room to understand the front of house and to seriously dive into wine education. He earned his Sommelier Certificate at Niagara College in 2008. However, the world of wine is ever evolving and Peter attends tastings and visits wineries whenever possible.

He is currently a sommelier at Yolanda’s Spuntino Casa in Oakville, Ontario where Peter pairs exclusively Italian wines with classic and modern Italian cuisine harbour-side in Bronte Village.

Shayne Cooke

Co-founder and Social Media and Administration

Shayne Cooke, an executive in the Financial Services industry in Toronto, Ontario shares his life with his husband, Peter Kline in Burington, Ontario.

Shayne provides logistical support, administrative support, Information Services and Social Media expertise to support Peter and the remaining Bacchus Sommeliers for every event.

Dawn Nickerson


Dawn discovered a love for culture and an intrepid taste whilst backpacking through Europe. When that adventure came to a close, she began a new journey in fine dining which now spans over thirteen years. Over that period she has worked as a server in numerous choice establishments alongside exceptional colleagues and diverse menus that allowed her exploration to continue with commendable guidance.

In 2008 Dawn earned her Intermediate certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust at Johnson and Wales University, in Charlotte North Carolina. After moving to Ontario in late 2010 she began working towards her Advanced Wine and Spirits certificate, and in 2012 she became a certified member of the Ontario Wine Council.

Dawn is continuously seeking out new opportunities to further her understanding of the winemaking process and its impact on the palette. Since she spends most of her days outside of restaurants or classrooms in cellars and wineries to stay on the edge of the constantly expanding wine industry; you may be hard pressed to find her without a new flavour in her mind for any occasion.

Nick Petruzzella


Nick has had a passion for wine since tasting his first Bourgogne after graduating as an engineer in 1979. He began making wine in the late 80’s and has won a number of medals for his efforts. This led to Nick becoming a wine judge. In 2010, he entered the sommelier program at Niagara College and graduated with academic honours a year later. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers and Wine Judges of Canada.

During his studies, he trained under James Treadwell at Treadwell’s Farm to Table Restaurant in Port Dalousie.

Nick’s background in chemistry, has provided him with an understanding of why certain foods match or do not match with a given wine. Nick has consulted in wine pairings with the Royal Botanical Gardens; represented wineries for special events with the Italian Trade Commission in Toronto; assisted in seminars, most notably at Lifford Wine Agency’s Boys Night Out; and taught seminars on wine appreciation.

Edward Rasiulis


Edward has been in the hospitality and wine industry for over 25 years, starting as a doorman and then becoming a waiter, bartender, wine sales clerk and now as a sommelier.

Wines became a passion of Edward’s at an early age which began by attending seminars, tastings, obtaining wine certifications to finally achieving his Sommelier Certification in 2008, through the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) at Niagara College in Ontario. Edward has received training as a sommelier at the fine dining restaurant, The 360 in Toronto’s CN Tower where he was responsible for serving 700 – 1000 guests per night by presenting them with an extensive wine list and inputting the sales in the restaurant’s Point of Sale System. Furthermore, Edward was involved in updating the wine list, purchasing wines and maintaining inventory. As a sommelier, Edward has also been trained and educated in the areas of spirits, beer, liqueur, sake, tea and coffee as well as restaurant management.

Edward uses his education and skills as a consultant, wine reviewer and buyer, catering wine dinners and judging events such as Liaison College cooking classes and Go Cooking at the Hamilton Spectator.


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